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Be The Gift You Bring!Be The Gift You Bring!Be The Gift You Bring!

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How To Generate 195,013 Visitors a Month Without Spending a Dollar on Ads with Neil Patel
So it’s my pleasure to welcome to the show Neil Patel, who started his first business as a teenager, and now helps others to reach the same levels of success as he has through his Advanced webinar http://neilpatel.com/.
Escape the 9-5 and Build Your Freedom Business.
In this week’s episode, Neil and I discuss:

- The varied range of products and services Neil is involved in.
- The future of the internet, and why Neil thinks social media is going to expand even further in the near future.
- The changing meaning of the American dream.
- And I get Neil to go through my own site and provide an example of how anyone can increase their customer numbers with just a few small tweaks.

Neil is a great guy and a visionary thinker, and I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the years to come.
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